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Hawaiian cuisine: poke bowl food trend

2. December 2019

A new food trend has recently drawn a lot of attention to Hawaiian cuisine. But what’s so special about the food from this group of Pacific islands? And what’s behind the ‘poke bowl’ food trend? We reveal all in our new blog post.

Aloha & traditional Hawaii: what makes Hawaiian cuisine so special?

Hawaii is a group of islands located in the Pacific Ocean about 2,000 kilometres from the American mainland and is a bucket list destination for many people. Hawaii is part of the United States of America and is often referred to as the 50th state.

Hawaiian cuisine is influenced by Polynesian and Asian cuisine. Typical local dishes and products from this sun-drenched country include exotic fruits, such as coconuts, mangoes, bananas, papayas and dragon fruit, which grow as commonly there as apples and plums do in Europe. Typical Hawaiian cuisine also revolves around ingredients that can be fished from the Pacific Ocean. Sampling the locally caught fresh fish and seafood is a must if you ever get the chance to visit Hawaii. Fresh, exotic ingredients that grow or live on this paradise island are therefore the staple of typical Hawaiian cuisine.

Popular dish from Hawaiian cuisine: poke

Hawaiian cuisine: poke bowl with chop sticks on top

One traditional dish has gained particular attention this year and generated a real hype around Hawaiian cuisine: poke or poke bowls.

Poke bowls are the national dish of Hawaii and consist of rice with a variety of toppings, for example, fresh raw fish, or even meat or vegetables. As the name suggests, poke is all served together in one bowl.

Although this dish is currently associated with Hawaiian cuisine, it originally came from Japan and has been blended with the influences from the west coast of the USA. Poke could also be described as individual parts of unassembled sushi.

Ingredients for a Hawaiian poke bowl:

Traditionally poke is a type of fish salad. These typical Hawaiian poke bowls consist of raw fish, which is cut into cubes and mixed with Shoyu soy sauce and sesame oil. Tuna and salmon are most commonly used, however other poke bowl ingredients include octopus and shrimp. Spring onions, sesame seeds, avocados and ginger are also used in this popular dish. In Hawaii, many cooks often add ingredients such as kukui, a fruit from the candlenut tree, or ogo seaweed, which is rather difficult to get hold of over here. Hawaiian poke bowls can be eaten by themselves or with warm sushi rice on the side. Now that poke bowls are also popular outside of Hawaii, new versions are springing up on menus with ingredients such as quinoa, courgette spaghetti (courgetti) and tomatoes.

Trendy poke food served in bowls

In addition to the special ingredients, the way that poke is served has become incredibly popular. Big bowls, or deep plates, similar to those used for mussels, are now very popular in the catering industry and also with home cooks. In Europe they are even starting to replace the traditional plate.

Hawaiian cuisine: pouring soup into bowl

Tafelstern has recognised this trend for some time and offers a variety of stylish bowls within its collections. They enable restaurateurs to serve Hawaiian cuisine, and many other dishes, in a modern style. Ramen, Middle Eastern or ‘simple’ noodle dishes can be presented in an attractive, appetising, and, above all, a unique way.

For the last stylish twist, Tafelstern has also included spectacular shapes in its collections. One such example is the leaf-shaped bowl from the ‘Delight’ collection.

It is not just bowls that can give meals a certain tropical flair. Tafelstern also offers exceptionally decorated porcelain within its collections, such as flat coupe plates from the ‘Cove’ collection which feature an ocean wave design. They give every dish a Hawaiian flair.

Conclusion: bowl or plate, Hawaiian cuisine or something else entirely, with crockery from Tafelstern it’s easy to give your dish an original twist.

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