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Wild game dishes are on trend: find out why wild game should feature on your menu!

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Locally sourced products and sustainability are two much discussed topics and are often considered a measure of good quality and responsible consumption particularly in relation to food. According to the German Hunting Association, wild game is much more sustainable and somewhat healthier than other types of meat. In this blog post, we explain why wild game dishes are popular and highlight the advantages of wild game compared to other types of meat.

The renaissance of regional cuisine

There is currently a trend amongst many people towards going back to old values: self-cooking, baking, preserving, buying local products and items without packaging, considering the origin of the products and making sure products don’t have to travel too far (in terms of their own carbon footprint). Back to nature is the motto, so products that are found naturally in nature are in. In the forest that means, for example, wild herbs and berries as well as wild animals.

Inspired by modern food trucks, wild game is no longer just reserved for traditional Sunday roasts. Trend-conscious chefs serve wild game burgers, create wild game sausages and cook venison or wild boar stew. There are countless ways to prepare and serve wild game. Those that dare to experiment with spices, herbs and different ingredient combinations could create the next big wild game trend.

wild game dishes: fasan served on a plate

Wild game dishes: the advantages of game meat

Animals bred for food are often reported to live in unnatural conditions, whereas deer, wild boars, etc. live in the forest in their natural habitat. Wild animals therefore enjoy a good life in the open. They can move around freely and, of course, they eat whatever they find in the forest. This has a positive effect on the quality of the meat.

Game is low in fat and high in protein. So, it is particularly popular with people who value healthy nutrition but at the same time still want to enjoy their food.

How do I serve wild game correctly?

wild game dishes: game served on a wooden plate

As a tableware specialist, we recommend serving wild game in classic porcelain to achieve a stylish look. Our ‘Relation Today’ collection offers simple, white plates with a subtle blue border. You could also present this plate on a wooden tray from our ‘Playground’ collection to give your dish a rustic look.

Looking for something more modern but still simple and classic? Take a look at these three designs: ‘Carrara’, ‘Artisan’ and ‘Ink’. Our customer service representatives will be happy to help you decide on the perfect porcelain set for your restaurant, hotel or catering business.

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