When developing collection decorations TAFELSTERN workes with trend scouts and designers who are at home across the world. Interior design, fashionable colours as well as culinary trends influence the artistic creativity.

Individual Decorations


On basis of customer material like moodboards, fabrics or wallpaper TAFELSTERN also develops individual decorations adjusted to suit the restaurants ambience or gastronomical concept. The designs made by our creative centre are free-of-charge and without obligation for our customers.  

Individual design proposals can be offered starting form 300 items (total number of items not meant 300 pieces per each article). You are welcome to draw inspiration from the TAFELSTERN trend decorations. They can bei adjusted to your corporate design e.g. with regards to your coporate colours.

TAFELSTERN only uses lead-free, eco- friendly inglaze colours. At 1200°C decor-firing these colours sink into the glaze. That is why decorated hard porcelain is as 100 % dishwasher safe as undecorated hard porcelain. The colours retain their vibrancy long-term.

Decorated and undecorated items from TAFELSTERN are suitable for use in the microwave. Decorations with precious metals such as gold, silver or platinum may not be used in the microwave. This could cause damage to the decoration and the appliance.



Please stack plates and platters on top of one another from above rather than pushing them in sideways. The bases of plates and platters can scratch decorated surfaces.

When stacking the plates for storage, it is recommended to place a layer of molton, fleece or a piece of kitchen roll between the individual articles. that you use a protective insert of molton, fleece or kitchen roll.

As TAFELSTERN porcelain is harder than metal, metal or cutlery can leave marks on sandblasted surfaces. These abrasion marks can be removed quite simply with a dish washing sponge and a cleaning agent, e.g. “Etolit”.

Please do not serve foods liable to leave colour stains, e.g. spiced pastes, on sand-etched surfaces. In most cases, such stains cannot be removed completely with a dishwashing sponge and “Etolit”.

Stains and any slight scratches to the high-gloss finish on vacuum metallized items should be tackled with a suitable silver cleaning product (liquid cleaner, silver polishing cloth). 

Discolorations and slight scratching on high-gloss surfaces of metallised articles may be treated with a suitable silver polish (liquid cleaner, silver polishing cloth).