Basic ranges and highlights

Today’s chefs are slick culinary entertainers: guests should be just as excited about the table setting as they are about the gastronomic treats on offer. Stylish porcelain is the ideal choice here: it should be as durable as possible and offer a flexible setting for constantly changing culinary creations, while also conveying each establishment’s distinctive individual style.

To meet these exacting requirements, TAFELSTERN has developed a wide choice of carefully designed BASIC RANGES which can be used as the basic components in any kitchen. These items can be individually configured in different ways, serving different roles at the table, depending on what is required. Currently in great demand are the striking HIGHLIGHTS. These solo pieces can be used to create a wonderful feature in conjunction with the basic ensemble.


TAFELSTERN’s product philosophy is based on a simple but ingenious idea: the TAFELSTERN modular system. The creative possibilities are unlimited because all tableware pieces in the TAFELSTERN range can be freely combined. Just assemble your own personal selection using items from across the different collections. For example, depicted here are items from the basic collections AVANTGARDE, RELATION TODAY and ESSENTIALS with special features created from the striking HIGHLIGHTS range. The benefit: you can add new articles to your existing tableware at any time, easily developing and extending your stock.

“You have to evolve to thrive. That’s my personal motto, which underpins my strategy for leading this traditional 150 year-old business into what is now the fifth generation. We serve a virtuoso combination of familiar dishes and contemporary international cuisine on selected porcelain items from TAFELSTERN’s different ranges. We regularly add new elements to keep up with the latest trends. Guests at top gastronomic establishments like ours expect and appreciate changes to the dining aesthetic.” Sascha Stemberg (Haus Stemberg in Velbert)



This is how the TAFELSTERN modular system works in the coffee area: simply combine your own choice of cups and saucers from different collections. For instance, you might choose to unite your favourite cup with a coupe saucer or a saucer with a rim. This freedom of choice is possible because all the porcelain items are designed to fit interchangeably. Our sophisticated modular system or program underpins the entire range, allowing wonderful variety in everyday life.


Design expertise
Less is more

The pioneering, classic design of the TAFELSTERN collections guarantees the perfect setting whatever the occasion. New developments are characterised by expert design, which means these items retain their visual impact in the long-term. TAFELSTERN is leading the way when it comes to setting trends in this sector.