Fired at 1,400 °C, revolutionary Noble China is surprisingly hard-wearing, setting new standards in this regard. Despite being delicate in unglazed form, items made from this material are remarkably resistant to chipping and unlikely to suffer damage to the glaze, which makes them extremely durable. Delicate, creamy bone-white hue. This innovative, thin, hard porcelain doesn’t need any lead, cadmium or animal components. Decorations on Noble China are (as with all hard porcelain) in-glaze decorations and thus completely dishwasher-proof.


Hard porcelain offers unbeatable benefits in the hectic everyday catering business. The high firing temperature of over 1,400 °C makes the glaze extremely resistant to scratching and very hard-wearing. There is no risk of the glaze being damaged, e.g. through contact with knives. You won’t find any incision marks where dirt and bacteria could become lodged. Items made from hard porcelain don’t absorb water through the unglazed base. Any decoration on hard porcelain items always involves in-glaze decoration, which is completely dishwasher-proof. Colours remain vibrant for a long time; the decorative detail will not fade. Neither the raw materials used to produce hard porcelain nor those used to colour the items require any added lead. This protects our own staff, not to mention your guests.