Are you ready for the NEW NORMAL in HoReCa business? As lockdowns start to ease around the world, restaurants and hotels are reopening – but with a very different look and feel to before the coronavirus pandemic. 

New ways of serving are necessary with regards to breakfast buffet, restaurant and also Take-away. TAFELSTERN has put together several articles to fulfill the required adjustments with regards to hygiene. TAFELSTERN put together plates, cups and bowls that can be covered up. 

Use a two-track strategy, offering Take-away despite reopening your restaurant. It has become a new norm and you have an income driver in times when in restaurants – due to rules on social distancing – not every table can be reserved.



Observing hygiene regulations has always played an extremely important role in hotels, restaurants and large-scale catering establishments. In times of Covid-19 this topic gets even more attention.

Due to the production process and the chemical composition hard porcelain has a virtually scratch and abrasion resistant, completely sealed hygienic surface. In addition the high firing temperature of more than 1.400 °C results in an extremely hard glaze, whose resistance to abrasion is superior to other materials like vitreous china, bone china or stoneware. Hard porcelain tableware is easy to clean and offers thus excellent hygienic properties because of its long lasting very smooth and non-adhesive glaze surface.

In contrast to open porous materials like stoneware for instance, porcelain with its low porosity offers the possibility to remove deposits of germs or bacteria easily and quickly, as they cannot “hide” in pores.

On top of that porcelain’s heat conductivity is low due to its density and mineralogical composition. Neither tempered glass nor metal can store prewarmed heat as long as porcelain. The formation of heat-sensitive viruses is curbed, whereas they would survive longer at lower temperatures.

It is not a coincidence that hard porcelain has always been the material predominantly used in food service, because durability and resistance are not the only characteristics that make hard porcelain the perfect choice for the hospitality industry.




Your patrons love your creations made of fresh, regional products? As public space in restaurants is limited to a defined number of guests per square feet, not so many guests as before coronavirus pandemic can be seated. 

Take-away food is a real alternative. But instead of handing out your meals in cardboard boxes or polystyrene packaging, just use hygienic porcelain items.  

Bowls are particularly practical for transport as they can be used to serve almost anything.  

To secure safe delivery you can cover the bowls with stretchable silicone covers. These are a sustainable option for keeping food fresh. The airtight closure prevents leakage, is BPA free and dishwasher safe. 

Use "silicone covers" as search term for a variety of offers. 


Another absolutely hygienic material is glass. In food presentations, glass items act like shop windows, displaying gastronomic concepts. The variety here is almost endless: extravagant Amuse-Towers, delicate glass cloches, bowls, bottles and preserving jars. Last-mentioned are a very good solution for Take-away.

#RESTART Restaurant
#RESTART Restaurant


Restaurant service is not what it is meant to be like. Tables, which are devoid of vases, pepper shakers and serviettes. Guests and waiters wearing masks en route to their tables. No buffets, only served meals. Highest hygienic standards with regards to food and reusable food service items. They have to be handled with gloves and - in some countries - covered-up on their way from the kitchen to the guest. 

If it's necessary according to your countries hygienic requirements, we prepared a selection of plates, cups and bowls with suitable metal and plastic covers. 






Metall cloches are normally used in hospital and care or everywhere else when meals have to be served in accordance with high hygienic standards. While corona pandemic they are also helpful for ServSafe in HoReCa. 

HEPP's plate cloches are made of stainless steel 18/10 and have a thumb hole fpr seamless removal. So despite the thumb hole, the unsophisticated, lids guarantee hygienic serving.


Which TAFELSTERN plates fit under metal cloches? Find out here.


Please note that the mentioned cloches have a loose fit on the following plates:

AVANTGARDE plate flat 27 cm, CHARISMA plate flat 28 cm, CONVENTION plate deep 28 cm, LOTOSBLÜTE plate flat 28 cm, TEMPTASTE plate flat and deep 30 cm





Plastic cloches are the light-weight alternative to the metal cloches. Due to the flat tops several covered plates can be stacked. The covers fit perfectly and provide thus full protection against virus and bacteria, besides keeping the dishes warm.

Having no thumb hole it is possible that some condensation water will accumulate. But normally way out of kitchen to guest is too short for condensate to occur.



The popular breakfast buffet as we know it is taking some leave of absence for the time being. Surprise your guests instead with a special service and bring individually-portioned breakfast to the table. Customers can select from a breakfast menu which they fill in the day before. This makes preparation easy the next morning and breakfast can be served on time.

A breakfast bar is also possible – protected of course by Plexiglas. The customer makes his choice, the selected dishes are put together by the waiter behind the bar and then served directly at the customer's table.





can be combined with literally any material. Serving trays made of walnut create a wow effect when in an interplay with the white, undecorated articles of COFFEE TASTING. Individually prepared hot drinks are so easily served to the customer. 

Use the serving trays after corona as players in current dining settings.

Please clean the wooden items with a damp cloth only. 




A breakfast bar is possible – protected of course by Plexiglas. The customer makes his choice, the selected dishes are then served directly at the customer's table with a three tier server. It's an easy way to serve more than one plate and is a real space saver on the table.

HEPP's three tier server in 18/10 stainless steel fits TAFELSTERN plates flat with diameter 21 cm or 24 cm. For example 

DELIGHT plate flat 21 cm

DELIGHT plate flat 24 cm