For professionals

In the hotel and catering business, there are very different demands when it comes to tableware. For example, where a banquet or buffet function may require dishes to be easily stacked or have good heat retention properties, other catering functions may have rather fancier requirements. This is where exceptional SHOWPIECES may be deployed or perhaps disposable crockery will be used. TAFELSTERN can cater for all these options with its collections.

The range is rounded off by the fashionable PLAYGROUND series. This offers products in very different materials, which complement the porcelain collections.

“We have no desire to replicate, we want to develop our own style.”

Florian August

Owner of the ELLA restaurant at the Lenbachhaus in Munich



Guests expect exceptional culinary experiences and creative ideas when it comes to table settings. The theme is pleasure for all the senses. This requires the perfect ambience, flawless service, outstanding cuisine and appropriate tableware to present the food.