Company parties, corporate events or conferences – a buffet is a quick and flexible way to provide a range of professional catering options at events. All over the world in the hotel business, guests assemble their own breakfast from fixed buffets. Attentive service ensures food is freshly restocked or extra dishes are added. When designing small or large buffets to take up as little space as possible, the porcelain must be well-coordinated while also creating an attractive, harmonious overall effect. TAFELSTERN offers different items in various heights in standard GN dimensions. Use the TAFELSTERN modular system to make your buffet truly inviting, and combine the appropriate products yourself from the different collections!


Finger food involves relatively small portions which can easily be consumed when standing, either using your fingers or with a small fork or spoon.

Especially at receptions, bitesize canapés are the perfect thing to serve while guests are chatting. There’s no formal seating plan to prevent guests mingling freely. All their attention can be focused on socialising and meeting other people.


At seminars, meetings, trade fairs, conferences or company parties – the range of events where finger food is served is as diverse as the food itself. From simple nibbles to miniaturised gourmet creations, the style of food on offer depends on the budget and type of event.


So-called flying buffets are particularly suitable for larger events. Serving staff carry trays of bitesize appetisers and fancy canapés through the event venue, so guests don’t need to interrupt their conversations to eat. This style of catering makes great use of the available space: the entire area in the chosen location is utilised and no-one has to queue up for food.


TAFELSTERN offers a contemporary range for catering events that take place outside or where a food truck is used. For example, at summer parties, company events or for film catering. At these events, it may be eminently sensible to use sustainable disposable tableware. This consists of 70% sugar cane waste and 30% FSC wood pulp. The bowls and plates are impermeable and greaseproof. PLAYGROUND presented by TAFELSTERN.