The good old days - rediscovered

Pubs that maintain tradition while offering a contemporary interpretation have become hugely popular. Locals and visitors love the combination of ongoing tradition and the charm of the familiar. A cosy environment can be created through a modern interpretation of shapes and colours.



Every Bavarian inn is judged by the quality of its roast pork. It must be moist and served with plenty of gravy to dip dumplings in – here a delicious Semmelknödel (bread dumpling). The MARIE CHRISTINE collection is the traditional TAFELSTERN classic, a perfect match for contemporary interpretations of Bavarian cuisine.

Wild at heart


No pub menu should be without its game specialities. During the hunting season, deer, wild boar and wildfowl are hunted in local forests then complemented with other regional products to produce exceptionally tasty dishes.

The RELATION TODAY collection offers a generous setting for meat, vegetables, dumplings and sauce.

One plate – two worlds! It’s amazing how decoration can influence character: in these examples, the visual effect changes from a down-to-earth look that is close to nature to an aesthetic that is more subtle in its rural affiliation. A charming dialogue can be stimulated by combining items with different decorative emphasis.