The trend towards fine cuisine in a relaxed environment. Also referred to as “bistronomy”. Traditional French gourmet cooking combined with a relaxed bistro culture. Behind the informal appearance, there is a meticulously planned concept focused on quality, service and ambience.

Fine food is served with creative nonchalance. Uncharted aesthetic territory: the table is decked with a cheerful blend of elegant porcelain items from the ESSENTIALS collection alongside original wood and glass PLAYGROUND products.



By the way, an equivalent to CASUAL DINING is available for hot drinks too. Coffee in a relaxed atmosphere is a brilliant way to recharge your batteries and tackle everyday stress. Here too, the focus is on informal enjoyment without having to dress up. You know you’ve had the perfect experience if it reminded you of the welcoming environment in granny’s kitchen.

Breaking down taboos

A relaxed, informal style is proving just as popular in the world of gastronomy as it is in fashion. Servings are casually arranged to achieve an improvised effect. Intriguing contrasts are created by combining materials that were previously a “no go”: for example, white porcelain with stoneware.